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Downtempo Selections, Vol​.​02




Downtempo Selections V.02 are here !.

We will release a professional deejay mix crafted by no other than AKSHAN to get the ball rolling with a new selection every year or so.

Enjoy 🎵🎶🎵

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released March 10, 2023

♪♫ Compiled and Mixed by Akshan, France.

► Image editing by Digitalys Studios, France

Offered in 16bit studio master quality. If you wish to have it in 24bit, please do not purchase the mix here, send me a private message instead. Thanks.

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Downtempo Selections, Vol.02 mixed by Akshan captures the essence of what makes Altar Records such a beloved label in the downtempo genre. Akshan's expertly curated mix of tracks transports the listener to a world of dreamy soundscapes and ethereal melodies, seamlessly blending together various elements of ambient, down-tempo, psybient, and world music.

From the opening track, "Galadriel Remix" by Ascent & Argus, to the closing track, "Air Conditionning" by Aes Dana, every song on this compilation feels like a carefully crafted piece of art that has been placed in just the right spot in the mix. Akshan's mixing skills are impeccable, creating a fluid journey that takes the listener on a captivating emotional ride.

What sets Downtempo Selections, Vol.02 apart from other downtempo mixes is the unique combination of tracks and the way they are woven together. Each song has its own distinct personality and yet fits perfectly in the larger narrative of the mix. Highlights include the hauntingly beautiful "Gravitationnal Waves" by Alwoods, the hypnotic "Reeze (Remix)" by Asura, the magnificient "La Nuit Violette" by Lydìa, and the mindblowing tracks "Strider" by Astral Waves, "Psychedelic Herb" by Ascent, "Adagio for the Braves" from Akshan and the exotic "7.9 Ways of Happiness" by Mobitex.

Overall, Downtempo Selections, Vol.02 mixed by Akshan is an exceptional addition to the Altar Records catalog and a must-listen for fans of the downtempo genre. It's clear that Altar Records is starting a new musical era with these mixes, and if this mix is any indication, we are in for some truly incredible music in the years to come.


00:00 / 1 - ASCENT&ARGUS - Galadriel (Remix)

06:41 / 2 - ALWOODS - Gravitational Waves (Remix)

14:12 / 3 - LAB'S CLOUD - Found the Way

20:52 / 4 - PROFONDITA - Seven Five (Original Mix)

27:25 / 5 - ASURA - Reze (Unreleased Version)

33:20 / 6 - AKSHAN - Adagio for the Braves

42:22 / 7 - LYDIA - La Nuit Violette

48:50 / 8 - ASTRAL WAVES - Strider

53:19 / 9 - ASCENT - Psychedelic Herb

57:50 / 10 - MOON TRIPPER - Hypnotic Frequencies

64:31 / 11 - MOBITEX - 7.9 Ways of Happiness (2022 version)

70:59 / 12 - AES DANA - Air Conditionning



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Akshan aka Vincent G. is a talented French artist and electronic music composer. More info can be found in his artist pages below >

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